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Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb reacts to walk-off TD in thrilling OT win vs. Patriots: ‘It was the best feeling ever’

Bill Belichick wants to speak to the manager, and pronto, because he didn’t order the lamb. But while the New England Patriots would love to send the plate back to the kitchen, they can’t, and are instead strapped with a 2-4 record after Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys used former first-round pick CeeDee Lamb to serve one final meal on a green mile stroll that saw the Patriots suffer a 35-29 overtime loss at Gillette Stadium on Sunday afternoon. 

The execution on the final play of the game was master class, with Prescott recognizing the defense’s plot to stop running back Ezekiel Elliott on first-and-10 from the Patriots 35-yard line, and instead going with a pass play that sent Lamb over the top in single coverage forced by both tight ends running decoy routes underneath — to make their respective defenders bite down in man coverage. 

And with a perfect pass by Prescott came a perfect grab by CeeDee Lamb, who strolled into the end zone and instead of getting angry at a late push to the ground by defensive back Jalen Mills, turned to him, flashed most of his 32 teeth and waved goodbye.

“It was the best feeling ever, honestly,” Lamb said in his post-game press conference. “I think I got the best of that matchup.”

He clearly did, along with any others the Patriots tried to throw his way in Week 6. Lamb not only secured the win in overtime, but he made several critical catches along the way that put the Cowboys in position to strike the final blow. On one play in particular, with the Patriots nursing a 29-26 lead and with only 42 seconds remaining in regulation, Dallas needed a big play on third-and-25 after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on left guard Connor Williams threatened to be the one mistake they couldn’t overcome.

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