Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott Vents Unhappiness Over Jaylon Smith Release

Like the rest of his stunned teammates, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott learned through social media that Jaylon Smith had been released by the organization.

And Zeke … well, he had thoughts about the move.

Sucks,” Elliott told reporters Wednesday, per NFL Network’s Jane Slater, stressing that Smith’s departure cannot become a distraction for 3-1 Dallas. “Gotta control what we can control as a team.”

Smith was dumped on Tuesday night, two days after being named defensive captain against the Carolina Panthers, unceremoniously ending a six-year run for the Cowboys’ longtime starter.

“We felt this was the time to do it,” head coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday, per the official team website. “I just think like anything, there’s always factors involved in how you build your 90-man roster. … Jaylon’s an excellent football player. There’s other factors involved in this decision.

“He played good football for us. In my time with him, he totally bought into the new direction of the program and everything we’ve done. The guy practices every single day and plays his ass off. I have nothing but respect for him.”

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