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Halloween Events In Greenville Impacted By Pandemic Again This Year

It’s the season of Halloween, a favorite in my little family. Every year we decorated with homemade ghosts hanging from the trees, orange twinkle lights, and any creepy crawlies we could find. Both my kids love it, as do I. There aren’t many years I haven’t dressed up too. Everything from a box of juicy fruit gum to dios de los muertos.

I even painted my great big pregnant belly to look like a pumpkin. My son was due on Halloween, my husband was in a cover band, and I was expected to attend the party.

Meditating on the meaning of the holiday, which is actually “All Saints Eve”, the evening before All Saints Day when all the saints who aren’t officially recognized and don’t have their own days are honored. It’s a chance to recognize that the greatest saints are rarely recognized, that they forge along through life serving God and others neither asking for not receiving recognition.

I love dressing up in fun costumes. I go to conventions and cosplay, and Halloween is my last time of the year to normally dress up. I have a five year old and he loves Halloween, too. It’s fun to dress up together and take him trick or treating or to school events and the like. Dressing up is a type of camouflage for me. When done right, no one knows who you are. If you make a mistake, people will remember the costume and not you. I love being able to cosplay or making my own costumes to enjoy the day with.

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