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Was America Discovered Prior To Columbus Shown Up

So, allow’s talk about opportunities of people around the moment of Columbus discovering it before Columbus.

Some fascinating facts:

Columbus assumed the Globe was a lot smaller than it really is. Columbus 2021 The greeks had computed the correct dimension of the planet (incorrect by some 50km in the circumpherence) some 300 years BC. Then comes Columbus and also he believes Planet is smaller, that Japan (which Europeans had actually heard about due to Marco Polo and also various other visitors) is farther away from China and also sits around the exact same distance from Europe as Florida. Obviously a few other people influenced Columbus in thinking that.

The Portuguese began the age of exploration. They would cruise around Africa, hugging the coast. Although in some areas of the shore they required to get into open ocean to evade muslim adversaries who controlled specifically North Africa.

The northeast coast of Brazil is the closest, in the Atlantic ocean, that the Old and also the New Globe strategy. (with the exception of northern latitudes, due to training course, at the North Pole, the range in between longitudes reduce till no.

after Columbus discovered America, the portuguese were rather excited to authorize the Tordesillas treaty, and also they pressed the treaty line 1000 miles west of Madeira Island,, which for the Spaniards, who had actually not yet found South America which South America is far more to the eastern, did not seem a big deal. But by “good luck”, that line pushing provided the Portuguese a HUGE portion of South America … at the very least some 50% of current day Brazil’s location. HOW LUCKY. Or was it not luck?

then in 1500, experienced portuguese sailor Pedro Alvarez Cabral and a whole fleet, unintentionally got shed in sea when going around North Africa as well as ended up in the actual land that came from them according to the Tordesillas Treaty.

the Viking age was 700 years prior to the discovery of the Americas by Columbus 2021 . The nords were currently rather integrated with the rest of Europe around 1492. They had resolved northwest France. After that their offspring Normans had actually dominated England. Nords had actually been christianized as well as taken part in the Crusades.
I locate it rather difficult that mediterranean Europe had NO IDEA concerning nord negotiations west of Iceland, or at the very least misconceptions concerning those negotiations.

I heard european fishermen were possibly fishing east of Canada for decades or centuries prior to Columbus.

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